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Laboratory Furniture

Lab-furnitureLaboratory furniture is available in both modular and customised sizes to fit any laboratory design. It comes in a full range of styles and colours and materials.

Furniture comes in either a fixed pedestal system with worktops fitted directly onto the storage units, or a metal support framework system, so the storage units are independent of the worktops. The latter means that the under bench units can either be suspended from the metalwork or supplied as removable push under units or alternatively as fully mobile units with castors for maximum flexibility.

A complete range of worktop materials can be installed, including (but not limited to) Trespa, cast epoxy resin, ceramic and stainless steel.

A full range of sinks, water and gas taps, electrical services and service conduit can be fitted to the worktops or to reagent shelves as required.

Full laboratory plumbing and electrical installations can be provided to meet the
clients requirements.