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Bespoke Fume Cupboards

Bespoke Fume CupboardsPF&F offer the most comprehensive and flexible approach to bespoke fume cupboards in
the UK.

Bespoke fume cupboards require a great deal of client and manufacturer consultation. PF & F’s technical team work closely with the client to develop a detailed initial design brief.

Following order placement complete site based drawings are produced, and a full factory prototype manufactured, allowing any client changes to be incorporated prior to delivery to site.

Bespoke fume cupboards can be either bench mounted, Step-In or Walk-In and a full range of dimensions can be accommodated into the design. (some of our previous installations were designed to construct units up to 6 metres wide, 2 metres deep and 5 metres high.)

Multiple sash arrangements with vertical and horizontal operation can easily
be incorporated into this type of fume cupboard, with low level lighting
facilities and a range of other features available.