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Fume Extraction Systems

Fume-extraction-systemPF&F offer a full design, manufacture and installation of fume extraction systems for fume cupboards, safety cabinets and isolation units.

All fume extraction systems are designed in accordance with BS EN 14175
PF and F’s Fume extraction systems are normally installed in grey uPVC using pre-formed tube and press moulded bends and in-house fabricated sheet materials with all joints fusion welded, or fire retardant polypropylene. (alternative materials are available if required)

Additionally, the uPVC ductwork can be coated with a flame-retardant glass reinforced plastic (4oz tissue wrap) to conform with fire regulations and provide extra rigidity and prevent damage.

Standard fan units are centrifugal type, and driven by a pulley and belt arrangement to give long life with minimal down time, configured for single or three phase electrical supplies. Direct drive and in-line fan units are also available if required.

All fume extraction systems can be provided with attenuation/silencers to
achieve specific noise readings.

HEPA filtration including safe change housings, can also be provided within
the ductwork runs. PF & F can also offer air input and make up sytems to
match the clients requirements.